December 13, 2017


Over 10 years ago, the founders of our company, Dorina and David Nelson started a much needed business that would address the need for home health care services. The result was Nelson Home Health Care.

Today our company is one of the best in the industry that provides a world-class service to our clients. Nelson Home Health Care is dedicated to providing a superior level of compassionate care to each and every person who enters our doors.


As your loved ones age, we hope that their lives will be comfortable and change will be minimal. There are very few of us who would choose to leave our home, where we have so many memories, and move to a place where we will live with and be take care of by strangers. If you and your loved one are considering moving to a facility then choosing us is the right choice! We will lend you a helping hand when you need it!

Best regards,

David & Dorina Nelson

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